**Important Band Announcement**

2013 Monsters of Rock Cruise
Monday, August 27, 2012


Dear Monster Cruisers,

Summer is coming to a close and touring season is winding down, but the Monsters of Rock Cruise is just getting warmed up!  Before we break out the warm weather gear and get ready for fall, here are a few new surprises we think you'll like.

Better strap on the seat belt because this final announcement might just rock your world…here we go:

First of all, a couple of good friends sailing on MORC 2013 came to us with an awesome idea for a special performance, showcasing music from their personal catalogues…can we say Boston, Starbreaker, Westworld and more???

Get ready for an amazing show from the voice of TNT,  Tony Harnell and from Stryper’s, Michael Sweet!!  Be prepared for surprises from beginning to end!!

tony harnell and michael sweet


Our cruise security guru, AJ Fratto is more than a tough guy keeping the peace aboard MORC 2013.  AJ was featured in Queensryche’s “American Soldier” tour so storming a stage is second nature to this talented musician.

We welcome AJ and his Bravehearts aboard for some late night rock n’ roll we know you’re gonna love!  AJ will also bring awareness to his charity WARRIOR CRY, a special organization dedicated to helping combat veterans cope with life changing injuries.

AJ's Bravehearts



We’ve pretty much hit you with everything but the kitchen sink...or a Dwarf.

What the F*%k would a rock cruise be without a Dwarf, better yet, a Killer Dwarf! Joining his comrades from the north, HELIX, get ready for a heavy dose of Russ Dwarf!!!

Russ Dwarf



So, we’ve got room for one more activity or band…how do we fill the final slot?


Heavy Metal Bingo?…Hell No!


Wayne Newton Karaoke?…F*%k Me!!


How About An Afternoon Tea?…WTF??!!


How about bringing back a band from last year…something big, something over the top?


How about someone you didn’t see in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas or anywhere in the Southeast this year??


Yes, that’s it!  We’ve got to bring them back...











So Monster Rockers, it doesn’t get any better than this.  If you are booked, congrats!  If not, get off your a$$ and get ’er done!!  We’re going to sail full so tell your friends & family before it’s too late!

Once again, we thank you for being a part of the greatest Heavy Metal Experience in the World. We hope you like the final lineup as much as we do! 

Thanks for being part of the MORC family…we appreciate your support!!


Your Monsters of Rock Cruise Team





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